Get The Exact One Call Close Script That Top High Ticket Coaches, Leaders And Consultants Are Using To Inspire 50%+ Of Prospects To Take Action On The First Call

These Persuasion and Psychology Secrets Have Closed $12.6Million In High Ticket Sales in 2017 
– And Now, You Can Use Them Too…

From the desk of James Farren,

Melbourne, Australia,

Dear Coach, Leader or Consultant,

If you’ve ever wanted close 50%+ of your sales calls with a high-converting predictable sales process… 

All whilst you easily take control, prospects instantly recognize your value, and, they’re inspired to take life-changing action… 

Then this will be the most important message you ever read.

Tell me… Do you ever experience any of this in your business?

  • You often spend hours on the phone, giving incredible energy and value, only for a prospect to say “I need to think about it” or “I don’t make decisions like this”?
  • You know how much your program changes lives, which is why it frustrates you when they can’t see the value?
  • Prospects often push you off track when they try and dominate the call, not respecting you for the leader you are?
  • You’re not totally confident when picking up the phone to make sales calls?
  • You get objections you simply don’t know how to overcome?
  • If you could double your sales conversion, everything in your business would fall into place?
  • You dream of having a superstar salesperson so you can step off the phone?

Well let me say this:

If you’re experiencing any of those right now, there’s something you need to know:

You're Not Alone

The biggest hurdle facing our industry is closing sales. And let me encourage you, because it took me more years than I care to admit to learn what I’m about to teach you.

Over the past 6 years I’ve made well over 10,000 sales calls. I’ve pitched 3,456 people (yes I counted).

And for the majority of that time, it was horrible. Constant rejection, struggling to get motivated, doubting myself. But more importantly, I wasn’t making ANYWHERE NEAR the cash I could have been.

I felt like I was working harder than anyone on the planet.

Fortunately, I’m a guy who tried new things!

When you make as many sales calls as I have, it gives you a chance to test EVERYTHING.

I’ve read all the books.

I’ve bought all the programs.

I’ve attended all the seminars.

I’ve tried so many different sales tactics, strategies and processes; you’d think I was going for the RECORD or something.

And here’s what I found:

Every one of them had some “good stuff” – and some stuff that was useful. But most didn’t have ANY effect on sales. Some event hurt my conversion!

So I went back to the drawing board. I consumed as many hard core psychology books and journals as I could get my hands on.

And I tested everything.

As a result, I’ve made an amazing discovery that is…

Closing high-ticket sales at well over 50%

And most importantly… Its so simple even BRAND NEW sales staff can do it too!

Something that was near impossible before

In this industry, building a sales team is paramount. Unless you can get off the phone and build a high-performance sales team, you’ll never be a true leader.

But in order to do that, you need a sales script that ANYONE can use to powerfully close sales.

And that’s exactly why companies like BusinessNET, The Mastermind, and Think Tank Australia have paid me huge sums to write their script and train their team.

I’ve been the guy behind the scenes for too long. And now, it’s time to bring this system to the public.

Introducing “The Classified Closing System”

When you implement this one call closing script it will DRASTICALLY increase the amount of cash you bring into your business.

Leads close on the first call, you won’t be wasting time with follow up, objections are completely prevented, and, you’ll quickly build a high-performance sales team.

You see, scaling a high ticket company isn’t easy. And the hard thing, is that everyone is giving you different advice:

  • The funnel guy says: “Just use this funnel and you’ll make millions”
  • The FB ad guy says: “This tactic will bring in 100’s of leads”
  • The “program” guy says: “Build your program like this, and it’ll sell itself”

And look, all of those methods are just trying to cover up the symptoms. They’re not solving the actual problem. And until you solve that problem, you’ll never break the $1mill mark with your sales.

And so you find yourself back at square one:



And Frustrated.

So what are you to do?

Well I’m gonna let you in on a little secret.

If you can close sales above 50%... EVERYTHING CHANGES.

Suddenly, it doesn’t matter how much leads are costing. Even if they’re $500 each!

And on top of that, when you can get a salesperson to replicate that close rate (because you have a rock-solid script), that’s your path to freedom.

And that’s EXACTLY what I want to show you how to do, in a

$1,500 Free 1 on 1 Script Review

You see, I want to personally review your script, 1 on 1, and show you EXACTLY what to change to start closing sales, so that you can finally generate the income you deserve.

This script review will take between 45-60 minute, and I will show you:

  • Exactly what to say at the beginning of the call that makes your prospects sit down, pay attention, and respect you as a true leader
  • A simple 3 step process to give your prospects huge “AHA” moments (these insights are needed to inspire confidence in them)
  • The secret “Urgency Amplifier” that’s like dropping a nuclear bomb on the part of their brain which makes them take action
  • How to tell if the prospect is ready to be pitched, and when you shouldn’t waste your time
  • How get your prospects to BEG for you to pitch them, and have them telling you they want to buy before they get the details

And much, much more…

So how would you like to have a sales veteran who’s designed sales scripts for HUGE coaching companies personally review your script? 1 on 1?

Here’s how this’ll work:

First, you’ll send me your script. I’ll go over it, review it, and identify how to get you closing.

Second, we’ll get on the phone, 1 on 1, and we’ll go through it together.

I’ll take a look at where you’re at, what you’re doing, and what you want to achieve.

Once we have those details, we’ll even come up with a plan for you to build a sales team within 90 days!

And like I said, there is NO charge for this.

This is NOT for everyone. Here’s who I CAN help:

You see I’m quite picky about who I’ll speak with. So I’ve got a strict (but reasonable) set of criteria you must meet in order for us to proceed.

  • You must be serious about your business. (This is not for people who see this as a “hobby”)
  • You must ALREADY be generating leads. If you haven’t figured out how to get leads in the door (no matter the cost), you’re not ready for sales coaching
  • You must have large goals you’re trying to hit. If $1-15Mill+ isn’t what you’re aiming for, then this isn’t for you
  • You must be open to new ideas and trying something different (especially if what you’re currently doing online isn’t working)

If you meet the criteria above and would like to talk to me personally about getting you incredible results, then I’ll happily set aside some time for you.

Why would I do this?

For too long I’ve been the guy behind the scenes, building and training sales teams for the biggest names in this industry.

And for the first time I’m sharing these secrets with the public.

So I’m looking for 25 high ticket coaches, leaders and consultants to transform the disappointing sales conversion of their programs into a high converting, predictable process.

Where you can easily take control, the prospects instantly recognize your value, you’re respected as a leader, and inspire people to take immediate life-changing action.

All with a one call close.

So what better way to find these people than jumping on, and reviewing their script 1 on 1 and waiving the $1,500 price tag?

Not only will I help a huge group of people, but I’ll also find the ones with the right “stuff” to take to 7+ figures.

Here’s how the process works:

First, you’ll need to hit the apply button below. You’ll be taken to an application form.

Second, once you fill out the form, you’ll go directly to my personal calendar. There, you’ll book a session.

Third, I’ll email you to ask for your most up-to-date script.

And fourth, we’ll jump on the phone and work to explode your sales.

After reading this whole letter and you want a 1 on 1 script review, just hit the button below:

Yes! I Want A To Close 50%+ Of My Sales!

Warning: Time Is A Factor

This offer will strictly be unavailable on November 10th. Between now and then, I’ll only be holding these reviews for 50 people. No more.

You should realize there’s a very large demand for personal one-one-one help from me, and I usually charge $1,500 an hour for this type of service.

What I’m offering you is unprecedented.

So with that said, know that the window of opportunity won’t be open for long. So go ahead and apply now!

Get The Exact One Call Close Script That Top High Ticket Coaches, Leaders And Consultants Are Using To Inspire 50%+ Of Prospects To Take Action On The First Call

These Persuasion and Psychology Secrets Have Closed $12.6Million In High Ticket Sales in 2017 
– And Now, You Can Use Them Too…

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Normally $1,500. FREE for first 50 people before November 10th.

Normally $1,500. FREE for first 50 people before November 10th.